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Dear ladies,
I wish all the members and activists of the women's NGOs and movements happiness and prosperity in the new century and new millenium!We are appealing you to collaborate in ensuring the proper gender ratio in the state policy!
President, Foundation for the
Empowerment of Rural Women

About FERW:
The FERW is non governmental organization to motivate women’s participation in social life, improve their independent status and encourage their active involvement in self governance at the local level and implementation of the Geneva Resolution and National Program on improvement of economic aspects of rural women.
FERW was established on Dec.10, 1994 and currently it has branches in 21 aimags 250 sums. Headquarter is located in Ulaanbaatar. FERW is one of the strongest Women NGOs of the Mongolia.

Our mission:
FERW‘s mission is achieving gender equality, sustainable development and women’s human rights in the rural area Mongolia.

To consolidate Mongolian women’s political, economic, social and cultural rights to contribute to a humanitarian, democratic and progressive society To support rural women, motivate their participation in civic society and community life, improve their education, knowledge and abilities. Our aim is to support women to achieve at least 20% representation of women at local and national decision-making levels.

Our objective
The main field is rural women and main objectives and trends are following:
a) Human rights
-To focus on monitor, document and publicize human right violation by all sectors actors, both state and non state
-To strengthen linkages at and between local and national levels among all actors and across all sectors
b) Gender equality
-To monitor government implementation of their commitments at Government program
-To mobilize communities and urge government to recognize and take concrete measures to address and further prevent increasing rate of HIV/AIDS infections among women and girls, as well as lesson the enormous impact of families, especially women and girls who become heads of households
c)Social and economic development
-Education of the rural women Seoul
-To promote organizational capacity and rights of the rural poor, particularly through enhancing their access to, and control over, natural resources and agricultural services within the local and national processes and structures which affect to their livelihoods
d)Youth and children

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